Flor & Fjære: A Botanical Paradise on Sør Hidle in Norway

Flor & Fjære: A Botanical Paradise on Sør Hidle in Norway
Photo: Flor& Fjære/Foto: Anne Valeur

The Garden of Eden Outside Stavanger

In the heart of Norway’s enchanting fjord region lies a hidden gem and a paradise. A testament to the transformative power of human hands working in harmony with nature. Sør Hidle, a small island within the captivating Stavanger municipality in Rogaland county, boasts a unique story that intertwines history, nature’s beauty, and a remarkable horticultural achievement. In this article, we delve into the enchanting world of Sør Hidle, where an island was once windswept and bare, only to be transformed into a paradise of blooms and botanical wonders.

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The Natural Beauty of Sør Hidle

Flor & Fjære: A Botanical Paradise on Sør Hidle in Norway

Before the story of Sør Hidle’s transformation began, the island was a windswept, barren landscape. The stark, naked scenery lacked trees, flowers, and greenery. It was a canvas awaiting the brushstrokes of life to bring colour and vitality to its shores.

Åsmund and Else Marie Bryn: A Vision Realized

In 1965, Åsmund and Else Marie Bryn set foot on this untamed island to create a family cottage in harmony with nature. What began as a modest aspiration soon became a legacy of botanical brilliance. They dedicated themselves to planting trees, flowers, and shrubs, each carefully chosen to thrive in the island’s unique microclimate. Their dedication and passion for horticulture laid the foundation for the exquisite garden of Sør Hidle, today Flor & Fjære.

In the vibrant decades of the 80s and early 90s, the small exotic garden began to flourish and capture the hearts of visitors. As its popularity soared, the need for refreshments became evident. In 1995, Olav and Siri Bryn brought the Flor & Fjære restaurant to life.

A Botanical Paradise on Sør Hidle: Flor & Fjære

Flor & Fjære: A Botanical Paradise on Sør Hidle in Norway
Photo: Flor& Fjære/Foto: Anne Valeur

Sør Hidle is home to a botanical wonderland, Flor & Fjære, a paradise of blooms and a horticultural masterpiece. It’s a place to witness the splendid results of Åsmund and Else Marie Bryn’s labour of love. The park is a unique attraction and probably the only one worldwide.

Today, the capable hands of the third generation, led by Endre Bryn Hidlefjord and his wife, Hanne Kvernberg Hidlefjord, are steering the ship. They have embarked on exciting new plans and expansions, building upon the rich legacy of the garden’s successes.

In Flor & Fjære, visitors are treated to a mesmerising display of flowers, plants, and trees from around the globe. The park showcases diverse species, each thoughtfully selected to thrive in the island’s microclimate. As you wander the garden’s enchanting paths, you’ll encounter a kaleidoscope of colours, fragrances, and textures. The garden is a symphony of life and beauty, from exotic palms and succulents to vibrant perennials and delicate roses.

One of the highlights of Flor & Fjære is the meticulous design of the garden, which seamlessly integrates with the natural surroundings. It’s a living testament to the Bryn family’s commitment to preserving the island’s pristine beauty while enhancing it with the gift of horticultural diversity.

The Bryn Family Legacy

Flor & Fjære: A Botanical Paradise on Sør Hidle in Norway
Photo: Flor& Fjære/Foto: Anne Valeur

Åsmund and Else Marie Bryn’s dedication and vision have left an enduring legacy on Sør Hidle. Their commitment to transforming a once windswept and barren island into a haven of natural beauty inspires all who visit. The Bryn family’s story is a testament to the profound connection between humans and nature, where planting a single tree can blossom into a lush and vibrant garden.

Dining at Flor & Fjære

Flor & Fjære takes pride in offering a delectable menu crafted from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, including homegrown herbs and vegetables from the greenhouse. Their commitment to culinary diversity is showcased through their thoughtfully prepared children’s menu and a dedicated selection for vegetarian and vegan guests.

How to Visit Sør Hidle and Flor & Fjære

You can take a ferry from Stavanger to experience the natural wonder of Sør Hidle and the botanical brilliance of Flor & Fjære. This journey is not just a means of transportation; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of Norway’s fjords as you make your way to the island. Be sure to check the ferry schedule to plan your visit. Remember to book your stay at Flor & Fjære in advance, as limited places may be available. All visits must be booked in advance.

In Conclusion

Sør Hidle is a testament to the transformative power of nature and human vision. Once windswept and bare, the island flourishes with the vibrant colours and scents of Blomsterparken Flor & Fjære. Åsmund and Else Marie Bryn’s legacy exemplifies how dedication, passion, and respect for nature can create something extraordinary. Sør Hidle invites you to explore its enchanting garden and uncover the history of a once-barren island now teeming with life and botanical brilliance.

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