10 Ways to Explore Norwegian Fjords by Car: A Great Family Experience

10 Ways to Explore Norwegian Fjords by Car

1. Choose Your Fjords

You can start by selecting the fjords you want to explore. Norway boasts several renowned fjords like the Geirangerfjord, Nærøyfjord, Sognefjord, Lysefjord, and Hardangerfjord. Plan your route to include the ones that capture your imagination.

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2. Timing is Key when exploring the fjords

Consider the timing of your road trip. While summer (June to August) is the most popular season for exploring the fjords due to mild weather, extended daylight, and open attractions, the shoulder seasons (spring and early autumn) offer fewer crowds and still-favourable conditions.

3. Rent a Reliable Vehicle

Ensure you have a reliable and comfortable car for your road trip. Choose a vehicle that suits your needs and the terrain you’ll encounter. Norway’s roads are generally well-maintained but be prepared for winding mountain roads and occasional unpaved sections, especially in remote areas.

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4. Be Toll-Ready

10 Ways to Explore Norwegian Fjords by Car
Tollroad in Luster, Sogn og Fjordane. Photo: INTREEGUE Photography

Norway has a network of toll roads, many of which do not have toll booths. Instead, tolls are collected electronically or via invoices sent to the car’s owner. Check the toll road system and consider purchasing a pass to streamline payments.

5. Plan for Ferries

Some fjords are crossed by ferries, so when exploring the fjords, research their schedules and routes in advance. Most ferries are efficient and provide a scenic ride. Be sure to factor in the cost of ferries when planning your road trip.

6. Book Accommodations

10 Ways to Explore Norwegian Fjords by Car
Camping Ground in Geiranger

Norway offers many accommodations, from cosy fjord-side cabins to modern hotels. During the peak tourist season, accommodations can fill up quickly, so booking in advance is advisable when exploring the fjords. Alternatively, consider campgrounds and camping vans for a more flexible approach.

7. Enjoy Scenic Stops

The beauty of a road trip is the freedom to stop whenever you please. Embrace this by taking advantage of scenic viewpoints, pullouts, and hiking trails. The best views and hidden gems are found off the beaten path.

8. Plan Hikes and Activities

10 Ways to Explore Norwegian Fjords by Car

You can find hiking opportunities and activities near the fjords you plan to visit. Popular hikes like the Trolltunga and Preikestolen offer remarkable experiences and incredible photo opportunities.

9. Prepare for Weather Changes

Norwegian weather can be unpredictable, so pack clothing for various conditions. Dress in layers to accommodate changing weather, and bring waterproof clothing for those occasional rain showers.

10. Respect Nature and Local Customs

Norway’s natural beauty is a treasure to protect. Follow Leave No Trace principles, stay on marked trails during hikes, and respect local customs and traditions. This ensures a positive and sustainable travel experience.

We have now given you 10 Ways to Explore Norwegian Fjords by Car. Exploring Norwegian fjords by car is an adventure that promises a deep connection with the breathtaking natural beauty of Norway. The freedom to set your own pace, discover remote fjords, and embark on exciting adventures makes a road trip through Norway’s fjordland an experience you’ll cherish. So, prepare your car, plan your route, and explore the awe-inspiring fjords of Norway at your own pace, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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