7 Great Things to See When Visiting the Hardangerfjord

Visiting the Hardangerfjord

Most renowned for its dramatic landscapes and vibrant springtime blossoms, the Hardangerfjord beckons travellers worldwide with its breathtaking natural beauty and outdoor adventures. This comprehensive guide unveils the top seven incredible things to do and see when visiting the Hardangerfjord region. From witnessing the iconic blossoming fruit trees in spring to beginning on the legendary Trolltunga hike and visiting the majestic Vøringsfossen waterfall, this picturesque Norwegian gem has no shortage of awe-inspiring experiences. Read on to discover the must-see sights and activities that make the Hardangerfjord unforgettable.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Blossoming Fruit Trees in the Spring: Witness the mesmerising sea of white and pink blossoms that transform the Hardangerfjord’s landscape in spring.
  • Folgefonna National Park: Explore the glacial wonders, take guided glacier hikes, and indulge in skiing and snowboarding opportunities.
  • Trolltunga: Embark on the legendary hike to Trolltunga for breathtaking views and unforgettable photography opportunities. It should be on anyone’s bucket list on a visit to the Hardangerfjord
  • Vøringsfossen Waterfall: Marvel at Norway’s famous waterfall, which has a total drop of 182 meters (597ft) and has designated viewpoints for the best vantage points.
  • Hardanger Maritime Museum: Immerse yourself in the region’s maritime history through exhibits and boat tours.
  • Accommodation Options: Choose from hotels, cabins, cottages, or campsites for a tranquil stay amidst the fjord’s stunning surroundings.
  • Norwegian Cuisine: Indulge in authentic Norwegian dishes made with locally sourced ingredients while enjoying fjord-side picnics.

1. Blossoming Fruit Trees in the Spring

Location: Hardangerfjord Region

One of the most iconic and visually stunning aspects of the Hardangerfjord is its orchards of fruit trees, which burst into vibrant blossoms each spring. This natural spectacle transforms the fjord’s landscape into a sea of white and pink flowers, creating a mesmerising sight. This is a must-see if you are visiting the Hardangerfjord in the springtime.

Things to Do:

  • Fruit Blossom Tours: Join guided tours during the blooming season to explore the orchards, learn about fruit cultivation, and witness the beauty of the blossoms up close.
  • Scenic Drives: Take leisurely drives along the fjord’s edge or into the hills to enjoy the panoramic views of the blossoming trees.

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2. Folgefonna National Park: Glacier Adventures

Location: Folgefonna Peninsula, South of Hardangerfjord

On a visit to the Hardangerfjord, the pristine Folgefonna National Park, located south of the fjord, is really worth seeing. It is a glacial wonderland offering a range of outdoor activities for adventurers. With guided glacier hikes, visitors can explore the impressive ice formations, ice caves, and crevasses of the Folgefonna Glacier. In the summer, the park’s lush valleys beckon hikers to enjoy the vibrant flora and serene glacier-fed lakes, making it a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts.

Understanding the diversity of activities available in the Folgefonna National Park is crucial for planning an unforgettable experience. From skiing and snowboarding in the winter to summer hikes amidst stunning mountain scenery, the park promises year-round adventure for all outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors can explore the glacier’s wonders up close with guided tours, providing a unique opportunity to witness the region’s natural beauty.

Things to Do:

  • Glacier Hiking: Join guided glacier hikes to explore the impressive ice formations, ice caves, and crevasses of the Folgefonna Glacier.
  • Skiing and Snowboarding: In the winter, the park becomes a paradise for skiers and snowboarders, with well-groomed slopes and stunning mountain scenery.
  • Summer Hiking: During the summer, hike through the park’s lush valleys, take in the vibrant flora, and enjoy the tranquil beauty of glacier-fed lakes.

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3. Trolltunga: A Legendary Hike

Location: Skjeggedal, Near Odda

On a visit to the Hardangerfjord, the Trolltunga hike is a mind-blowing experience. This legendary adventure draws thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts from around the world. The hike rewards intrepid explorers with one of the most iconic viewpoints in Norway.

Things to Do:

  • Hike to Trolltunga: Embark on the challenging yet rewarding hike to Trolltunga, a rock formation that juts out over a precipice with jaw-dropping views of the fjord below. Be prepared for a full-day trek and changing weather conditions.
  • Photography: Capture the stunning vistas from Trolltunga for unforgettable photographs to commemorate your achievement.

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4. Vøringsfossen Waterfall: A Majestic Cascade

Location: Eidfjord, Near Hardangerfjord

An awe-inspiring sight and a must-see when visiting the Hardangerfjord region is the majestic Vøringsfossen Waterfall, which has an impressive 182-meter or 597-foot drop. Visitors can enjoy excellent vantage points at designated viewpoints along the road or hike closer to feel the mist on their faces and witness the sheer power of this natural wonder.

The impressive cascade offers a stunning display of Norway’s natural beauty, with its roaring waters plunging dramatically into the depths below. Visitors can marvel at the waterfall from various viewpoints along the edge, each providing a unique perspective of this magnificent spectacle. Whether viewing it from a distance or up close during a hike to its base, Vøringsfossen never fails to captivate all who encounter its grandeur.

Things to Do:

  • Viewpoints: Visit designated viewpoints that provide excellent vantage points to admire the waterfall from different angles. You can find several viewpoints along the road.
  • Hiking: For a closer view, hike to the waterfall’s base and feel the mist on your face as you stand in awe of its power.

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5. Hardanger Maritime Museum

Location: Norheimsund, Hardangerfjord

Heritage lovers will delight in the Hardanger Maritime Museum, which offers a fascinating look into the region’s maritime history. With exhibits showcasing traditional boats, artefacts, and interactive displays, visitors can immerse themselves in Hardanger’s marine heritage and better understand the area’s nautical past and cultural significance.

Visitors can learn about boat building, navigation techniques, and the importance of maritime trade in shaping Hardanger’s cultural identity. Whether exploring the museum’s collections or taking a boat tour to experience the naval traditions firsthand, visiting the Hardanger Maritime Museum is a journey through time that promises to be both educational and enlightening. It is well worth a visit to the Hardangerfjord area.

Things to Do:

  • Exhibitions: Explore the museum’s exhibits, which include traditional boats, artefacts, and interactive displays that bring the maritime history of the region to life.
  • Boat Tours: Some boat tours departing from Norheimsund offer the chance to learn more about the boats and traditions covered in the museum.

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6. What accommodation options are available when visiting the Hardangerfjord area?

Visiting the Hardangerfjord

All visitors to the Hardangerfjord region are spoilt for choice regarding accommodation options. The area offers a variety of choices, from comfortable hotels in towns like Odda and Eidfjord with stunning fjord views to cosy cabins and cottages in the countryside for a peaceful nature retreat. For budget-friendly options, several campsites along the fjord provide camping spots and cabins for travellers seeking a closer connection to the natural surroundings. There should be an accommodation option for all wallets when visiting the Hardangerfjord.

  • Hotels: For a comfortable stay, choose from a range of hotels in towns like Odda, Eidfjord, and Ulvik, offering various amenities and stunning views of the fjord.
  • Cabins and Cottages: Enjoy the tranquillity of the fjord by renting a cabin or cottage in the countryside. These accommodations provide a peaceful retreat amid nature.
  • Camping: Several campsites along the fjord offer camping spots and cabins for travellers seeking a budget-friendly option.

7. Taste Local Flavors: Norwegian Cuisine

Location: Various towns along Hardangerfjord

A visit to the Hardangerfjord cannot be done without exploring the region’s culinary delights. Indulge in fresh seafood, smoked salmon, and traditional Norwegian desserts made with locally sourced ingredients. Dining at local restaurants in towns like Odda, Eidfjord, and Norheimsund allows you to experience authentic Norwegian cuisine while enjoying the breathtaking views of the fjord. The region offers a culinary journey from fjord-side picnics to fine dining experiences.

Things to Do:

  • Dining: Enjoy meals at local restaurants and eateries in towns like Odda, Eidfjord, and Norheimsund. Try fresh seafood, smoked salmon, and traditional Norwegian desserts.
  • Fjord-Side Picnics: Pack a picnic and find a scenic spot along the fjord’s edge to savour your meal while enjoying the breathtaking views.

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How do you get to the Hardangerfjord?

On a Visit to the Hardangerfjord, getting to this picturesque region, offering various scenic routes and transportation options is integral to the journey. When visiting the Hardangerfjord, you can arrive in one of the following ways:

By Air:

The nearest major airport to the Hardangerfjord region for travellers arriving internationally is Bergen Airport, Flesland (BGO). From there, visitors can rent a car or take a scenic bus or ferry ride to delve into the heart of the Hardangerfjord.

By Car:

Driving to the Hardangerfjord allows for flexibility and exploration. Take the E16 route from Bergen, which offers mesmerising views along the way. Another option is the scenic route via Route 7, known for its winding roads and charming villages, which provides a delightful journey to the fjord.

By Bus or Ferry:

Public transportation, such as buses and ferries, offers convenient access to the Hardangerfjord. Regular bus services operate from major cities like Bergen, allowing one to enjoy the fjord’s beauty without worrying about driving.

By Cruise:

Cruise ships frequently dock in towns like Eidfjord or Ulvik when visiting the Hardangerfjord. Cruising offers a unique perspective, allowing travellers to witness the fjord’s splendour from the water.

Exploring the Hardangerfjord region offers an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Whether admiring the blooming fruit trees in the spring, hiking through Folgefonna National Park, or capturing the breathtaking views from Trolltunga, there is no shortage of incredible things to see and do in this stunning Norwegian gem.

From witnessing the majestic Vøringsfossen waterfall to learning about the region’s maritime history at the Hardanger Maritime Museum, every moment in the Hardangerfjord is filled with natural beauty and cultural richness. With various accommodation options and opportunities to taste local Norwegian cuisine, visiting the Hardangerfjord promises an immersive and memorable experience. This comprehensive guide has unveiled seven great things to see when visiting the Hardangerfjord, ensuring that your journey to this picturesque region is filled with awe-inspiring adventures and unforgettable moments.

Before planning your visit to the Hardangerfjord, always check the latest travel advisories, opening hours of attractions, and restrictions in the area for a smooth and enjoyable visit. If you follow these recommendations, visiting the Hardangerfjord will make memories for life.


  1. What is the Hardangerfjord?

    The Hardangerfjord is a stunning natural wonder on the western coast of Norway. It is known for its dramatic landscapes, vibrant springtime blossoms, and outdoor adventures.

  2. What are some things to do when visiting the Hardangerfjord region?

    When visiting the Hardangerfjord, you can explore the famous blossoming fruit trees in spring, visit Folgefonna National Park for glacier adventures, hike to Trolltunga for breathtaking views, marvel at Vøringsfossen Waterfall, visit the Hardanger Maritime Museum, experience local cuisine, and find accommodation options for a memorable stay.

  3. How can I witness the blossoming fruit trees in the spring at the Hardangerfjord?

    You can join guided tours to explore the orchards, take scenic drives along the fjord’s edge, and witness the sea of white and pink blossoms up close.

  4. What outdoor activities can I enjoy at Folgefonna National Park?

    At Folgefonna National Park, you can participate in glacier hiking, skiing, and snowboarding in winter and summer hiking to enjoy the park’s lush valleys, vibrant flora, and glacier-fed lakes.

  5. How can I get to the Hardangerfjord region?

    You can reach the Hardangerfjord region by air to Bergen Airport, Flesland, and then continue by car via the E16 route or Route 7, by public transportation such as buses and ferries from significant cities like Bergen, or by cruise ship docking in towns like Eidfjord or Ulvik.

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