5 Facts About Vøringsfossen Waterfall: A Memorable Majestic Cascade

Vøringsfossen Waterfall

In the heart of Norway lies a natural wonder that captivates visitors with its breathtaking beauty — Vøringsfossen Waterfall. As one of Norway’s most famous waterfalls, Vøringsfossen cascades dramatically down the Måbødalen valley, offering a mesmerising display of nature’s power and splendour.

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1. What Is The Grandeur of Vøringsfossen?

With a sheer drop of approximately 182 meters (597 feet), Vøringsfossen creates an awe-inspiring spectacle as thunderous waters plunge into the canyon depths below. The sight of the waterfall’s forceful descent amidst the rugged landscape leaves visitors in absolute awe, offering an unforgettable experience for all who behold it.

2. How do you Access Vøringsfossen Waterfall?

Vøringsfossen Waterfall
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Situated in the Eidfjord municipality, Vøringsfossen is easily accessible via well-marked trails and viewing platforms, allowing visitors to witness its majestic beauty from various vantage points. The newly constructed viewing platforms provide unparalleled panoramas, offering ideal spots to capture the magnificence of the cascading waters and the surrounding landscapes.

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3. The Surrounding Landscape

Beyond the majestic waterfall, the surrounding region showcases Norway’s natural splendour at its finest. Visitors can explore the nearby Hardangervidda plateau, marvel at the dramatic fjords, and relish the picturesque vistas that adorn the landscape.

4. How do you get to Vøringsfossen Waterfall?

Vøringsfossen Waterfall, is easily accessible by various modes of transportation:


One of the most convenient ways to reach Vøringsfossen is by car. The waterfall is near Highway 7 (National Tourist Route Hardangervidda) in the Eidfjord municipality. Visitors can drive along this scenic route and access parking lots near the waterfall’s viewing platforms.

Public Transportation

While public transportation options are limited, buses operated by public transport companies or organised tours might offer seasonal routes or guided trips to Vøringsfossen. These services may be available from nearby towns or cities like Bergen or Oslo.

Guided Tours

Joining guided tours or excursion packages offered by local tour operators is another hassle-free way to visit Vøringsfossen. These tours often provide transportation from designated pickup points and include informative guides who offer insights into the area’s history and natural features.

Here are some suggested tour operators you can contact for guided tours to Vøringsfossen:

Cycling or Hiking

For outdoor enthusiasts, cycling or hiking to Vøringsfossen is an option, especially for those exploring the scenic trails in the Hardangervidda National Park or nearby areas. Biking or trekking to the waterfall offers a more immersive experience amidst Norway’s stunning landscapes.

Upon arrival, visitors can access the various viewing platforms and trails leading to different vantage points to admire the beauty of Vøringsfossen. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit to this iconic Norwegian waterfall, it’s advisable to check for seasonal closures, weather conditions, or road/trail updates before embarking on the journey.

5. What Are the Best Visiting Tips When Visiting Vøringsfossen Waterfall?


The best time to visit Vøringsfossen Waterfall is during the summer months (May to September) when the waterfall is at its peak flow and accessible via roads and trails.

Outdoor Activities

Aside from admiring the waterfall, visitors can engage in various outdoor activities like hiking, photography, and exploring the adjacent nature reserves.


Exercise caution while exploring viewing platforms and trails, especially with children, and adhere to safety guidelines provided at the site.

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Vøringsfossen Waterfall

In conclusion, Vøringsfossen Waterfall is a testament to Norway’s natural magnificence, inviting travellers to witness nature’s sheer beauty and power. Whether it’s the thundering roar of the cascading waters or the panoramic vistas that captivate the soul, a visit to Vøringsfossen promises an unforgettable encounter with one of Norway’s most stunning natural marvels.

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